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    April 16, 2013
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other parcels, all other parcels in the area of the blast have been examined but there are no unexploded bombs. there were no who unexploded explosives devices found. jon: the governor of massachusetts, deval patrick delivering an update on the bombings at the boston marathon. saying there are no known additional threats and agents are following a number of leads to help track down those responsible. in the meantime here are some of the latest details coming in. we're told the number of injured has now risen to more than 170 people. most of those patients largely conscious as a majority of their injuries were concentrate ned the lower parts of their bodies. in terms of the investigation police say they expect the scene around the marathon to remain active as an investigation for the next two days at least. jenna: also rightpresident pledl support to the city of boston promising every government resource to help the city keep
safe and find the killer or killers responsible here. plus, a 78-year-old runner knocked down by the blast becomes one of the most iconic images so far in this horrific and still developing story. he's going to join us with his incredible experience. and nearly 200 people are now recovering from their injuries as john just reported, including more than a dozen in critical condition. we are going to speak to a doctor about the uphill battle some of these victims now face on the road to recovery. it's all "happening now." hi, everybody, great to have you with us today, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. the search intensifies for the person or persons who successfully detonated two bombs, powerful enough to tear the limbs from bystanders at the boston marathon finish line. this as investigators from across the country comb through thousands of photos and pieces of video taken at the finish
line, and try to process the most complex crime scene in the history of the boston police department. here is fbi special agent in charge rick deloria just moments ago. >> this remains a very active investigation. our ongoing investigation in various locations throughout the area goes on. however, there are no known additional threats. we continue to interview various witnesses and process the crime scene. which could take some time. jon: mike tobin is live from massachusetts general hospital in boston. it is ground zero for the critically injured. have doctors learned anything, mike that could help with this investigation in. >> you know, jon you heard the reports that the bombs were packed with ball bearings. the doctors here say they are removing from the patients both pellets and nails in addition to that. they are removing them with such concentration it leads the doctors to conclude that these are not things that were just picked up from the environment of the blast, these are things that were packed into the bomb.
>> i think we are still getting details of all the events that happened, and obviously it's very difficult to conclude, based on initial impressions. i won't exclude completely the possibility that some of the fragments are environmental, but my opinion is that most of them were in the bombs. >> reporter: most of the injuries were to the lower portions of the body. a possible indication of a more sophisticated, directed blast. now of the 31 people who were brought here 12 still remain. six to eight are under anesthesia at this moment. there were four amputations performed here and the doctors say for the most part these were automatic amputations, that the limbs had endured so much trauma the way one doctor described it, they just finished what the bomb had done, jon. jon: so for those who are still hospitalized how is it looking? >> reporter: the doctors won't make any promises, but they said it's looking pretty good.
there are some limbs that are still at risk of amputation. also you had patients out here with a lot of blood loss but the doctors believe they stopped the bleeding in time to prevent additional organs from failing. the doctors also here said they are seeing a remarkable resilience from these patients and that can help them. jon. jon: that is a bit of good news in this horrific story. mike tobin live from boston. thank you, mike. jenna: witnesses are sharing their personal accounts of the boston marathon and what happened there. one couple that is lucky to be alive today after experiencing the devastation up close and personal is going to join us in just a moment. jennifer aiken had just crossed the finish line when she heard an explosion. she then began the desperate search to find her husband who she knew was somewhere in the crowd nearby. jennifer and rick aiken join us now live from boston. it's so nice to have the vie two of you with you today, two valuable perspectives, one from a person in the race and one from a spectator.
glad our both okay. why don't you start with you, jen. this is your 19th boston marathon. walk us through what happened after you crossed the finish line. >> well, first of all i was pushing very hard to be under four hours, and the reason that is relevant is because of the timing. i was pushing very hard coming down boylston. i had been pushing hard for the last few miles to be under four hours because that is important to me. i was having severe calf cramping coming down the home stretch on boylston. i managed to limp across the line in 3 hours and 58 minutes at the time thinking that the significance of that was simply breaking four hours, had no idea what those two minutes actually were about to mean. i continued on throughout finish line area as normal, you know, like all the other runners, hundreds of runners finishing at the same time. we were all picking up our medals, and people were congratulating one another, and picking up their water bottles and so forth, and all of a
sudden just kaboom. just this loud blast, and we all stopped and turned and looked toward the finish line, and you could see this big cloud of smoke coming up from the finish line area, and i thought, oh, my goodness, what is going on? this is not right. a few second later, ten to 15 seconds later the second blast with black smoke in it, just this cloud coming from the finish line and i thought, oh, my goodness, my husband was watching me finish, he's going to be walking right through that. general sure, we can understand that. i love rick's take on this. rick, were you able to see your wife go through the finish line? where were you when she was looking back and seeing the smoke? where were you at that moment? >> i was back right at the mile 26 marker on the north side of the street, and i missed her going by. at this point there is lots of finishers at once, and so i had missed her going by, i had my cellphone out, i was checking her timing, and it gives you an
alert when she's finished. so i realized i had missed her, because the alert came up she had finished. so i started extracting myself from the crowd, i was all the way up to the barrier next to the street, so i backed off through the crowd and had turned -- was beginning to turn toward the finish line when i hear this kaboom. and i couldn't figure out what it was. i looked down the street and it was -- there was an awful lot of smoke. and, you know, you're trying to process what is going on there. at that point i saw a fireball, which it's not like in the movies, you see it an instant before you hear it. in the next block from me this big fireball was going up in the middle of the street, and i knew then exactly what it was. jenna: did you feel, rick? with you are able to after finally hearing it did you feel
the rumble and the heat from that? >> you know, i don't even remember hearing it. as soon as i saw that flash i knew what it was. and my next thought was okay, now what do i need to do? and so -- jenna: what did you do next? jen, if i could go back to you, now you're both in this chaotic situation, trying to find each other, which is difficult enough after a marathon. what was your next step, jen to find your husband? >> well, i was at that point i had reached the baggage bus where they bring our bags with our personal belongings to pick up after the race. i got my bag as quickly as i could, fished out my cellphone, got my phone turned on, immediately tried to call him. the first time he didn't answer. so i immediately tried to call gape. this was while cellphone service was still available which it was not shortly there after. the second time i was able to get him and believe me we were both very relieved and i said, okay, i'm finished, and where are you? let's meet back at the hotel.
we are staying at a hotel nearby fortunately. and so at that point rather than try to find each other in the crowd, which would be next to impossible, we were able to connect on the phone. jenna: rick, describe to us the scene once you both figure out where you're going to go, just describe to us the scene on the streets. >> you would be surprised how well the crowd behaved. everybody when they saw the flash of the second explosion knew what was going on. and people were moving deliberately, but not week leslie off of boylston street -- recklessly off of boylston street. it was well ordered. there were some people crying, there were some people stand thr-g not nothin there not knowing what to do. there was no panic, people were fairly well ordered. as soon as i heard or saw the second explosion i started to get off boylston street. i tried to call one of my friend
to see what was going on. i was not thinking too clearly, of course there were no news reports yet then. that's why i missed jennifer's first call. i was pretty sure she was past the finish line because i had seen the text alert that she had finished, and it looked from where i was standing that the first explosion was about the finish line, so i was pretty sure she was clear but i wasn't absolutely sure. and so my thought was, i need to get to the hotel because that's where i'll know for sure, because i assumed that it was going to take her a while to get to her cellphone. she actually got to it much quirk than i figured she would. jenna: we appreciate you sharing your stories today. we are glad you are all right. our thoughts and prayers are with the people that are still struggling. thank you both very much. thank you for your time. jon the dow industrial average recovering one day after stocks plummet eud in the aftermath of
that per or attack in boston. in the last couple of minutes they are up another 20 minutes, 87 to the positive on the dow in morning. it's nearly -- it's a result of some upbeat earnings reports and a better than expected march housing report. yesterday the dow as you might know plummeted 266 points, that was the biggest drop so far in 2013. jenna: more breaking news. pictures in fact from our boston affiliate. we are going to bring those to you in just a moment from fox 25. what we're hearing right now, sources are telling our local affiliate there, that there was a flight headed to chicago, and apparently according to this report, there were two men on that plane that were not sitting next to each other, but who were speaking arabic, and there were some concerned marathoners on the flight, a lot of nerves frayed certainly with all the confusion with what happened yesterday, who is to blame and a lot of questions. we don't have all the answers right now. certainly a lot of people
nervous about this. this plane was headed back to the gate now. the two men were escorted off the plain. there is no other details that we have at this time. we have been able to see some dogs going on the tarmac to check out luggage, you know, to do a sweep of the plane, but we'll share with you as we get more news. one other point of news we should also mention, jon as we take in this live scene from boston in about 20 minutes from now down in washington d.c. we expect the president to speak. he'll be making a statement as well. this is still very much a developing story. that is one thing we want to be very clear about today, a lot of facts yet to be collected. and we'll be sure to have the president's statement live when he steps to the cameras at 11:30 earn time. jon: much more ahead on the boston bombings and a massive investigation underway now as we take an in-depth look at the federal response, how the white house is handling the attack, plus new information on the victims. we'll be hearing their dramatic eyewitness accounts of what happened in the moments that those bombs went off.
jenna: welcome back, everyone. new information on the incident in boston with the fbi, state and local law enforcement all appealing to the public, asking for any amateur video and photographic evidence that can aid in what now has become a massive investigation. >> we are in the process of
securing and processing the most complex crime scene that we've dealt with in the history of our department. we are doing that under the direction of the fbi and in partnership with the atf. jenna: not insignificant that he says that the most complex investigation in their department's history. despite a variety of different reports that you've all heard over the last 24, nearly 24 hours, the commissioner is making it very clear that right now no one is in custody in connection with these attacks. >> we still do not know who did this or why, and people shouldn't skwrupl top conclusions before -- jump to conclusions before we have all the facts you about. make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this. and we will find out who did this. we'll find out why they did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. jon: president obama on the air
just hours after the twin explosions in boston to reassure the nation. he also called the governor of massachusetts and the mayor of boston to offer support making it clear that his administration is mobilizing its full resources to help in the investigation and provide security as well. more on the white house response, let's bring in david drucker, senior editor at roll call. david, we are going to be hearing from this president in just about 20 minutes. the white house has scheduled some kind of a statement from the president at 11:30 eastern time. we don't know obviously what he will say, perhaps more of the kind of thing we heard yesterday. a president has to wear many hats, has to shoulder a lot of responsibilities, but being the leader of an emotional and frazzled nation at a time like this has to be among the most weighty. how is he doing? >> i think he's doing pretty good. the president hasn't always hit the mark in situations like this. near incidents that didn't happen. this time i thought he hit it perfectly. he showed determination, he
assured americans that individuals or groups would be brought to justice. this is something that people want to hear. he also didn't talk about things that he didn't know to be in evidence, and the one thing you don't want to do when you're president of the united states is be wrong and talk about things that turn out not to be true, because it causes a real crisis of confidence within the public. and so i think that everything he did yesterday was important, i thought it worked, and i thought that's what americans want from their president at times like this. and i expect we'll hear more of the same, in terms of his determination to get to the bottom of this. and any update that he can give, given that federal law enforcement officials are u know, on the job and after what's happening. jon: there has been so much misinformation already. at the news conference this morning they had to dispel the notion that there were other bombs found and disarmed, other explosives that did not go off. only two, both of them did go
off we learned. that is the kind of thing that you say the president has to be especially careful to stay away from. >> he does. and i know there was some criticism, not much of it but there wascism that the president won't label it an act of terrorism and things of that nature. but really what is important is that everything that comes out of the president's mouth is correct, is right, and that shows both americans and people around the world, governments and groups around the world that he's in command of the situation, it's important for him to show command, and that's something he did very well. when a president doesn't do that it exacerbates matters, it makes people even more worried than they might be, and it starts people wondering whether or not the fbi, the atf, any other federal law enforcement officials, which the president is ultimately in charge of, whether they know what they are doing. i think this is why it's important to be careful. it's also important to show a level of determination, to show that you're going to hunt people down, because that's what americans expect, and i thought that the president did that. and so, you know, judging by what we've heard yesterday,
judging by i thought the very smart words from top members of congress in both parties, as they approach this they want to know all the facts, and this is the kind of response that americans really want to see from their government at times like this. jon: also important too i think for a president, it's a fine line to walk to encourage americans to, you know, go about your daily lives, don't hide in a hole because that's exactly what the terrorist wants f we give up our freedoms, our lifestyle they've won. >> you make a good point,. jon: ro, in that on the one hand we don't want to go into a hole and hide, on the other hand we want to show proper deference to what happened and the people that were injured and killed and traumatized. i think it's important and i think what americans really expect, given that we are a country that wants to be free, and wants to be open, is that we have got to get back to work. and, you know, we hire our politicians, lawmakers, we hire the fbi and related agencies to figure out what happened and
what went wrong and try and prevent it from happening again. but you don't want to see the country shut down. jon: right. >> you're right. it's always a fine line. i think so far this president, in fact just like the last one is doing a pretty good job of that. jon: no paralysis especially in boston that is for sure. david drucker, thank you. >> thank you. jenna: we heard officials in boston this morning reveal new details about their investigation into the bomb eupgs. we'll take a lock at where their investigation goes from here. how crucial are the next 24 hours and how close are they to tracking down those responsible. >> we have a number of 176 casualties that presented at area hospitals, that is including hospitals on the south shore so not just in boston. the 176 is the best number i have right now. 17 of those individual are critical at this point in time, three fatalities.
jon: fox news alert. the good news is it's over. there was an evacuation of the central terminal at laguardia airport this morning because of a suspicious item. people were forced out of the building, they were actually walking on the roads and standing on the bridges. we are told the all clear has been given, whatever caused this extra level of concern turned out to be benign. this in the wake of a plane at boston's logan airport that was evacuated because a couple of passengers on board, not seated next to one another were talking to each other in arabic. some members of the passenger manifest were there for the boston marathon yesterday, they were a little concerned. they called authorities and that plane was stopped and the two men taken off the plane. there will be incidents like this in the hours and the days
ahead. we will be hearing from the president about five minutes from now, that is when it's scheduled at the white house, 11:30 eastern time. yesterday in his statement he did not use the word terror, however in regard to boston attack, however his defense secretary chuck hagel just did called it a traoul act of terror. again we will continue to watch all of this and keep you a bryceed of these goings on thought the country. jenna: fbi investigators in boston are now pouring over evidence found at the scene of yesterday's deadly mayor on this terror attack. right now we are told that there are no additional threats in the area and police are relying on subject assistance to move their investigation forward. it's still unclear whether they are any closer to tracking down those responsible. we have the former acting director of the atf and former u.s. attorney from massachusetts who lead the prosecution against convicted terrorist richard reid also known as the shoe bomber.
michael it's great to have you on the program today. how cushion is the next 24 hours in -- crucial is the next 24 hours in this investigation? >> certainly the last 18 hours or so we're coming up to 24 hours have been critically important. the investigators have been working, i'm sure at full speed, since moments after the initial blast, and as soon as they realized, obviously, this was not an accidental blast, they motivated -- mobilized the joint terrorism task force. so obviously every hour is critically important. it's a multifaceted investigation, it's a post blast investigation piece of it where they scour through all the debris to try to help identify the type of bombs that were us used. they caused so much injuries and three deaths, sadly. and beyond that there's a tremendous amount of surveillance video that they are having to have to go through, both the public surveillance video, likely news crew surveillance video. then you think about all the krepb phone videos that are going to be very important.
jenna: it has been important to us as well as we continue to try to shed some light on what exactly happened. we are using that term terror attack, obviously cabinet members are using it as well as. jon: just mentioned. we don't know if it's domestic terror something else. what will be key to determine thag? >> well, certainly the person, if it's tied in to a group that will make a determination as to whether or not it's a domestic or an international terrorist incident. there is no question it's a terrorist incident. when you have a terrorist incident like that, that's what puts the joint terrorist task force into motion. so as soon as that second blast went off i think it was apparent to anybody, that either witnessed it or watched it on video, realized that that was an intentional act of violence. so the key question obviously is who is responsible? is it the person or persons that
are toyed to a particular group. jenna: those are questions we have yet to have answers too. maybe when the president steps up to the microphone in a minute or so we might get a little more information. the police commissioner in boston is calling this a the most complex crime scene we've ever seen in the history of our department. the atf is bringing in explosive specialists. what will be the specific roll of the atf in this investigation? >> welshing the atf and fbi principle plea along with the state police and likely boston police bomb techs as well, the fbi and the atf developed a wealth of expertise during the war in iraq. almost every ied that they can recover component parts from were brought back and analyzed by fbi and atf to determine how the devices were manufactured, what type of fingerprints signatures would be on those that could identify the bomb makers. they'll try to identify exactly the type of device and see whether or not there is a signature to that tee vice that would tie it to a particular
person or group that the act sees might know in terms of its sophistication. they look at both devices, we know that there are sue explosive devices to see whether or not there is a similarity between the two or whether or not there are differences. is there one or two bomb makers. jenna: it sounds like at least there is material for them to go through. maybe we'll take this as a little bit of a silver lining that the investigation appears to be off and running with all the different resources. michael it's great to have you on the program. thank you so much. >> thanks, jenna. jon: fox news alert, and in just a moment we'll be taking you to the brady press briefing room at the white house. the daily briefing that normally happens around this time has been canceled. the president himself is going to be stepping up to the microphones today to make a statement on what happened in boston yesterday. here now president obama. >> good morning, everybody. i've just been briefed by my national security team.
on the attacks in boston. we continue to mobilize and deploy all appropriate law enforcement resources to protect our citizens and investigate and to respond to this attack. obviously our first thoughts this morning are with the victims, their families, and the city of boston. we know that two explosions greatly wounded dozens of americans and took the lives of others, including an eight-year-old boy. this was a heinous and cowardly act. place, the fbi is investigating it as an act of terrorism. anytime bombs are used to target innocent civilians it is an act of terror. what we don't yet know however, is who carried out this attack or why. whether it was planned and executed by a terrorist
organization, foreign or domestic, or, was the act of a malevolent individual. that is what we don't yet know. clearly we're at the beginning of our investigation. it will take time to follow every lead and determine what happened. but we will find out. we will find out whoever harmed our citizens and we will bring them to justice. we also know this. the american people refused to be tearized. -- terrorized because what the wld say yesterday after the aftermath of explosions were stories of heroism, kindness, generosity and love. exhausted runners went to the nearest hospital to give blood and those who stayed to tend to the wounded, some tearing of off their own clothes to make tourniquets. the first-responders who ran into the chaos to save lives, the men and women who are still treatedding the
wounded at some of the best hospitals in world and medical students who hurried to help who said when we heard we all came in. the priests that opened their church tossed a minister to the hurt and fearful and good people of boston who opened their homes to those shaken by the attack. if you want to know who we are, what america is is and how we respond to evil that's it. selflessly, compassionately, unafraid. in the coming days we will pursue every effort to get to the bottom of what happened and we will continue to remain vigilant. i've directed my administration to take appropriate security measures to protect the american people and this is a good time for all of us to remember that we all have a part to play in alerting authorities if you see something suspicious. speak up. i have extraordinary confidence in the men and women of the fbi, the boston police department and the other agencies that responded so heroically and
effectively in the aftermath of he had why's events. i'm very grateful for the leadership of governor patrick and chairmen nino. i know even as we protect our people and act aggressively pursue this investigation, the people of boston will continue to respond in the same proud and heroic way they have thus far. and their fellow americans you can expect further briefings from the law enforcement officials when the day goes on. when they have more details they will be disclosed. what i indicated to you is what we know now. we know bombs that were set off. we know that. that obviously they did some severe damage. we do not know who did them. we do not know whether this is the act of an organization or an individual or individuals. we don't have a sense of motive yet.
so, everything else at this point is speculation but as we receive more information. as the fbi has more information. as our counter terrorism teams have more information we'll make sure to keep you and the american people posted. all right? thank you very much, everybody. jon: a quick statement from the president there regarding the bombings in boston. yesterday he did not use the word terrorism in discussing these attacks. he did just now. he said anytime bombs are used to target innocent civilians it is a terrorist attack but then went on to say we do not know who is behind this terrorist many bolling. whether it is organized group. whether it's an out of the country group or whether it is a domestic single person, one lone wolf terrorist so-called. that is what they do not know and that's what they're working to ascertain at this time. meantime we're learning more
about the devices used in the bombings yesterday. the chief of trauma surgery at mass general hospital says doctors removed a variety of metal objects from the wounds of victims it including pellets and nails. another doctor at beth israel said he saw an x-ray of one victim's leg that had small round objects throughout it that looked very much like bbs. let's talk about it with jeff lanza, a retired fbi special agent. much of the evidence that authorities might have had is gone, exploded, jeff. what can they learn from the objects in these victims and from the construction of these bombs? >> well, the evidence may be exploded but there is still remnants of that explosive device. and what they will be learning is specifically the type of explosive that was used. that will go a long way to answer the question, is this a organized group, a lone wolf, a group of people? if we have military-grade explosive like plastic explosive versus tnt, versus
a home-made brew with common items you find in over-the-counter in many places, that will tell you who is responsible, at least give you and indication and point you in the right direction. this case bears striking similarity to one we experienced in 1996 at the olympics. in that case we had a bomb placed in a backpack in a very public location du an athletic event. also lots of shrapnel there. you just spoke about the doctors taking out ball bearings, bbs and other types of shrapnel, nails. eric robert rudolph used nails as his form of shrapnel. that did a lot of damage to people injured at that location at that time. jon: i was struck in watching the footage yesterday by the smoke color. it was white. i know that holds some significance for people that know something about explosives. this was in the particularly black smoke. it was mostly white. >> well, smoke comes from the explosion itself and the very nature of an explosion you have something expanding
very rapidly and white smoke versus a different color smoke such as black may give a signature that will help the authorities determine, you know, the nature of that explosive device itself or the propellant in that case. that explosion that gases increase at thousands of times in a fraction of a second of their original size. people die from the place itself but most people get injured from the shrapnel that is shot out from that explosion, that explosion itself. so, yeah, the smoke color will indicate, give a signature to the type of explosive device that was used in this particular case. one component of the bomb itself. jon: i'm reminded of what a guy named faisal shahzad tried to set off a bomb in new york city's times square that was back in 2009 and, you know, afterwards there was this video released of this guy that people wanted to talk to, the authorities thought, you know, that based on this surveillance footage, new york is one of the most surveiled cities in
the country. they thought this guy had something to do with it. turned out, not to have any connection to the case at all. now authorities in boston have put out the call for everybody to please bring us your, you know, iphone pictures, your smart phone videos, whatever you got, bring it to us. i can see where that can be helpful. but it will bury them perhaps under a mountain of information, some of it useful and a lot of it not. >> that's what they get paid the so-called big bucks for. not only that, jon, not only the pictures they have to sort through but also the lead that will be coming in or have come into the hotlines. they really have to check out each one of those. they will do some triage so to speak on the leads. seriously you have got probably at least a couple hundred leads already from phone calls they have to go through as well. one of those potentially could lead to the solution to this case. one of the pictures that you mentioned could be a solution but you got to get through all the other stuff to get there and that's part
of the job of the investigators. that is why so many resources are being brought to bear on this. there is so much that has to be covered, the crime scene itself we were told this morning something 15 square blocks. that alone is a monumental task. jon: in a quick word, jeff, are you confident they will get it solved? >> oh, absolutely. i really think they will. there is always a signature left behind. there is always evidence to any criminal case. i believe with all the resources here we'll find out the person responsible or persons responsible. >> jeff lanza who built a career at the fbi as a special agent. jeff, thank you. >> you're very welcome. jenna: good to hear confidence from jeff, someone with so experience after hearing from the president we still don't know why, we still don't know who. those are big components. story we have yet to learn here. jon: obviously the president has to speak with an abundance of caution. we heard david drucker say earlier that he has been striking the right tone so far in david's --. jenna: sounds like everybody is hard at work. the investigation is still ongoing. we will keep you updated as
we hear more, learn more. we have nearly 200 people wounded in this terror attack. some of them have very serious injuries from the sheer force of the blast. we'll look at what their recovery will look like. an emergency room doctor joins us next.
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jon: terror attacks like the boston bombing are getting more common both here at home in boston and in overseas. the first 24 there are a lot of unknowns including possible suspects. a look back at early part of some of those other earlier investigations. rick? >> as you mention the early hours are so crucial for investigators of course but the leads they uncover are not always the keys to unlocking the mysteries who is behind the attack. let's start in oklahoma city, the morning of april 19th, 1995. an explosion rips through
the alfred p. murrah federal buildings. 116 people including 19 children are killed, hundreds more are injured. 19 minutes later, timothy mcveigh is stopped by a state trooper arrested on a firearm charge. two days later forensic evidence links him and a friend terry nichols to a charge. they released suspects john doe number one and number two two months after the bombing. fbi had to admit the sketch of john doe two was innocent bystander an army private. to the olympic park bombing. during the 1996 summer games in atlanta. 11 people were injured. richard jewell goes from hero to possible suspect to hero again after news reports say investigators had suspicions about him after he was one to alert authorities about the bomb. joule is finally exonerated next year that investigators began began to focus on eric
robert rudolph captured after years on the run in may of '03. 9/11, usama bin laden you mentioned his name almost instantly. 3,000 people dying in attacks on the new york and pentagon and on the hijacked flight in pennsylvania. bin laden first denying involvement and then in 2004 claiming responsibility. the mastermind, khalid sheikh mohammed captured in pakistan in march 2003. 10 backpack bombs exploding on four rush hour commuter traipse in madrid. this was march 11th, 04. 191 people were killed. 1800 were injured. at first the bask separate activity group eta is blamed. then investigators find a van with detonators and cassette tapes of the koran at a rail station. that was common it all four targeted trains the first arrests made two days later. 2 1/2 weeks later seven suspects blow themselves up as police move in to arrest them.
then the 77 attacks in london in '05. four bombs going off almost simultaneously. three on subway cars. one in a double-decker bus. 52 dead, 700 injured and surveillance video very quickly allowing police to locate the images of those four suicide bombers, all british-born islamist terrorists. they are the key there to the 77 bombings. all that videotape. about 2500 "the hours" worth. as we heard from one of our guests, jon, investigators pouring over whatever images they can get their hands on right now in an attempt to pin down exactly who carried out this attack in boston less than 24 hours ago. back to you. jon: a fascinating look back at some of the horrible events. rick folbaum, thanks for bringing that to us. jenna: as the manhunt in10 nice for the people responsible in this terror attack some victims are just beginning their recovery. we've heard that some have lost limbs. others suffered serious burns. and a series of other injuries too numerous really
to report right now. we'll talk to a doctor what we can hearn from their injuries as well as what their road to recovery looks like. >> we're seeing injuries that are typical blast-type injuries, the kind of injuries that come from a explosive or concussive force like this. so patients have everything from minor sort of ear drum type blasts all the way through to really serious him injuries and some serious head injuries as well. girl vo: i'm pretty conservative.
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in. jon: well for the doctors, the cops and other emergency personnel on the scene the aftermath of the boston bombings, well it looked like a war zone. there were mass casualties. victims with limbs blown off, shrapnel wound, serious fractures. now some of those wounded are facing an uphill road to
recovery although as you might have heard in that news conference earlier today, doctors believe that they have managed to save the lives of everybody who came into the hospital alive. doctoren nest patty, a senior attending physician of emergency medicine at st. barnabas hospital here in the bronx in new york. i wonder about treating this kind of thing. military medical facilities might see these kinds of injuries fairly frequently from an ied. >> yes. jon: you typically don't see this type of bombing at a mass general hospital. >> you don't see explosive injuries of this type of force but the comparison in the civilian world would be a serious car accident where many times you could have disfiguring injuries or traumaic injuries of such extent that, you know, you might see similar type injuries, yes. jon: we heard that some people lost limbs. i have not heard anywhere along the line that anybody has, there has been reattachment suggested.
>> well, part of the problem with this type of explosion you get such tissue destruction, it is not a clean cut maybe made with a saw or some other type of sharp instrument. this is reminiscent for me of the bus accident that happened on '95 a few years back where we treat ad number of bus crash victims many which had similar type of traumaic injuries from the force of the accident. jon: so as a doctor, you've got chaos. you've got bed filled in a situation like this. how do you assess what to do, who gets first treatment? >> triage at the scene is a little different than what happens at the emergency department. the at scene the goal is to do the most good for those that have the highest chance of survival. fortunately this happened in an urban area where access to hospital and more definitive care is close by. in the emergency department when these patients come in then mainly the goal is to maintain breathing,
establish, stop bleeding apestablish iv access to resuscitate the patients. jon: plus it had to help that i mean, this is a marathon. it is a taxing event anyway. they have got medical personnel right there at scene because so many runners are just absolutely maxed out when they cross the finish line. >> exactly. as we do here in new york city, we have medical tents set up, a lot of them at the finish line. it was great the doctors and first-responders were there to help administer care. the problem is they're not set up for an explosion or disaster of this sort but definitely helps to have the medical care present. jon: you say one of the things people should be alert for in the weeks and months, years to come is ptsd, posttraumaic stress disorder. >> yes. after a event like this which is horrific in nature, it also stirs deep emotions in lots of people. people will become depressed and many will suffer recurrent nightmares and visions of this type of trauma if they were actually there and witnessed it. we have to be alert for that occurring in both adults and
children. anybody who was witness to this is subject to that it is something we have to keep a close watch on because it could affect people's well-being and livelihood. jon: there are obviously, well, 17 of -- 176 people who were hurt by this but really the entire nation has suffers a wound . what do you say to the rest of us? what can we do to help those people lying in a hospital bed in boss ton? >> first and foremost we always want to keep them in our thoughts and prayers. second we want to go out and donate blood because they have use ad large supply of the blood source in boston. is e saving gift we really need to remember not just during disasters like this but throughout the year, every day in hospitals and emergency departments throughout the country we use tons and tons of blood. it is an easy thing to do and it is a wonderful gift to save someone's life. jon: very, very good point. dr. patti, thanks for sharing your thoughts. >> appreciate it. jenna: jon, that is the big question who is behind this
horrific attack. a question we have yet to answer today. coming up we'll take a closer look at the fbi's massive manhunt for the person or persons responsible.
jon: fox news alert. scenes of carnage, acts of heroism and a massive investigation, the first successful act of terrorism on american soil since 9/11. it has claimed three lives wounding more than 170 at the boston marathon. a brand-new hour of "happening now." i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. we are learning more every moment. authorities releasing brand-new details on the investigation. governor deval patrick of massachusetts says the two bombs that went off just second apart near the finish line were the only explosives found, contrary to previous reports over the last 24 hours or so. the fbi says at this time there are no additional threats they know of. police are seeking help from the
public asking anyone with photos or video to come forward and share those photos and video with investigators. investigators are really searching for more clues, new video reveals the initial chaos, panic and shear terror. take a look. [explosion] [screaming]] explosion] [screaming] >> i want the road cleared so i can get ambulances out, okay? >> i was watching across the street when we saw the first bomb go off. people -- i'm sorry -- [inaudible] [crying] >> gets many people up there as you can from the medical tent. >> hurry up. hurry up, let's go, let's go,
everybody, this way. >> i can't believe this is happening. that was pretty much it. >> if you want to know who we are, what america is, how we respond to evil, that's it. selflessly, compassionately, unafraid. >> this is traumatizing, i don't know how else to explain it. >> i'm so angry that something like this would happen, that somebody would do this and ruin such a beautiful day. >> this was a heinous and ca cowardly act. given what we now know about what took place the fbi i investigating it as an act of terrorism. in the coming days we will pursue ever effort to get to the bottom of what happened and continue to remain vigilant. >> this is a tragedy but boston is a strong city. we're a city that will get through this. >> our mission is clear, to bring to justice those responsible for the marathon bombing. the american wants answers. the citizens of the city of
boston and common weflt massachusetts want and deserve answers. this group of dedicated men and women standing before you today pledge to do everything possible to get those answers. jenna: investigators are questioning a person of interest injured at the scene, reportedly a student from saudi arabia. police searching his apartment just north of boston. that is the footage that you see on your screen there. at this point that man is not a suspect. molly line is live in boston with more. what is the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: authorities have held things pretty close to the vest. they want to be very careful about what they are ring, how they are phrasing things. as you've mentioned they say that they don't have anyone in custody. you did mention this person of interest. we have a huge crew of people here on the ground from fox news channel and one of our producers had a chance to get over to the apartment building in revere where it's believed this person of interest lived. items have been taken from the department by investigators. they've stopped and interviewed the roommates of this individual. one of the roommates was out speaking with some of the boston
media today. he says that he and several of his other roommates, three of them in total are all from saudi arabia, and that his friend that was injured here at the bombing on site, the person we're talking about in a boston hospital, is here to take english classes in america. we also had a chance to speak with a woman that lives there at the apartment complex. she was also here at the scene of the boston marathon, saw a tremendous amount of the carnage that happened here and then returned home to her apartment complex to find it -- investigators there. so take a listen to how she is dealing with all of this. >> i was in boston today, i saw the whole bombing, i saw everything. then to come home and see the cop cars here go upstairs, i go out, i come back here, and there is a bunch of people here, and to know that it's right next to my house, you know what i mean? won't you feel uncomfortable like that, like nothing that their skwraeubs can be doing something like that -- neighbors
can be doing something like that. >> for clarification authorities say they are speaking with many, many individuals from all walks of life all across the city of boston. they've been speaking with people at hospitals, asking people to come forward, anyone that has information, they want to talk to you. especially if you have video or pictures from the scene in the moments before these bombs exploded, in the hours before these bombs exploded they are looking for all of that information. no tip is too small. the fbi is in charge and they are asking that they be contacted. jenna. jenna: we'll continue to talk a lot about the investigation, molly but we don't want to forget about the victims. so many of them still suffering from massive injuries. >> reporter: right you know a tremendous amount of injuries. they've been updating us, all of the hospitals have been updating over the course of this event as it continues to unfold and as people are struggling to recover. we know that there are still 17 people in critical condition all across the city of boston. numerous hospitals holding presentsers, including mass general where one of the trauma surgeons there described the sort of injuries that they are
seeing. take a listen from this latest press conference. >> many of them have severe wounds, mostly in the lower part of their body, wounds related to the blast effect of the bomb, as well as small metallic fragments that entered their body, pellets, shrapnel, nails that these bombs had. and some of them have additional injuries that we are addressing. >> reporter: athat was the doctor and he says it's good news that all the patients at mass general are stable right now. jenna: molly line, thank you. jon: fox news alert we are taking you to tufts medical center and nicholas yanni one of the patients hospitalized after being caught in those explosions yesterday? we were standing on some schools so we could see everybody, and i just remember we stood down and
we were like, oh, what is your time, what is your time, everybody was curious to see what her time was, and we looked at the time, we saw that she had made her time that she wanted to do, and we were like, yea, we were all excited then all of a sudden it was like, like a cannon, you know, went off. and honest to god at first i didn't even think anything of it. i thought, you know, maybe some bad fireworks, or something like that, because it just didn't even dawn on me that there would be an explosive device or a bomb there. but, you you know, it went off, you know, my ears just from the compression from the explosive device hit us and shattered the window next to us, and, you know, i look back and i see a cloud of smoke, and i realize that something was going on, and i looked over at my wife, and u
know, i see that her lower leg was -- was hit by something, some shrapnel had hit her leg, and, you know, she was bleeding, and, you know, there was some bone and such. she took herself into the store, and i followed with her, and of course i'm freaking out, this is my wife, and so i start grabbing shirts. she said, grab something to make a tourniquet. so i grabbed shirts off the rack, i started wrapping her leg up. she says i'm okay, i'm okay, let me look automatic. she inspected me to take sure that i wasn't hit or anything. and once i took care of her i wanted to go back to check on everybody else that we were with, and when i did i saw there was another lady who had collapsed because i think the back side of her right leg was hit, and i don't know if she
quite knew, maybe she was in shock, or i'm not sure, but she collapsed, because i think she tried to stand on her leg, and she collapsed in a doorway, so, you know, i was trying to help her now, and somebody else came up, another stranger, i mean there were people all over, you know, just going into autopilot to just, you know, try and help out, and i was trying to help her, and another guy came up and was helping her as well. so there wasn't really much we could do with her. she was kind of, you know, i'm not sure if she was unconscious or what, but i was still concerned about my friend's mother, but i continue get to her, so i was tapping on the other side of the window in the store just to try to get someone's attention, and try to get to her to make sure her friend's mother was okay. i finally was able to get to her but briefly before they carried her off. once i got outside i continue get back to my wife, because the
police, you know, said if you're not injured you need to get out of here, you need to go, so i got separated from my wife, and there was another young lady, and i think her boyfriend, or husband, maybe fiance was hurt as well, and she was trying to get back to him, and, you know, so her and i, you know, we just -- we just tried to find a which to get to them, so we snuck around the back side, around where the church is at copley, and we went to the back side of the tent and as soon as i saw them pull my wife out to put her in an ambulance, you know, i yelled, that's my wife, can i please go with her, and then so i got in the ambulance with her, and she was cool as a cucumber, you know, i'm okay. i'm okay, and of course in my mind i'm trying to be calm for her but i'm freaking out. and they get us to the hospital, and i think -- i know i was in
shock, of course, just to realize what had happened and that it could have been so much worse for us. my hearing was really bad. they said they were trying to get a hold of me, trying to talk to me, and i couldn't hear too much. just a lot of muffled, ringing sound. so, you know, nothing major. again, i was very fortunate. there are people who have lost their lives, or have lost limbs, so i'm very fortunate, and i wish everybody else the best, but as far as i know we were maybe ten feet away from the explosion. so, i mean i didn't realize how close we were, and we were seeing it on the news, and where the explosion went off and where we were at, i mean just made me realize how close we were to it and how fortunate we are that,
you know, we didn't lose, you know, that -- anybody in my group at least. >> nicholas can you share with us your injuries and your wife's injuries that you suffered in. >> mine was i think i had a peered drum, but nothing major. my eardrums are intact. no major issues on my end. my wife had shrapnel that went through her lower left leg, and i think it shattered her fibula, and they had to, you know, do some work with her and she's got to go in for surgery again tomorrow. my friend's mother i think she got hit in the knee, so i'm not sure exactly what they are doing for her, but she is also trying to recover from this as well. >> nicholas, how old are you and where are you from? >> when you see the pictures on tv what are your thoughts when you look and see that you were right there.
>> as funny as it sound when my wife and i were watching the news it was kind of like, oh, my god what happened? you know, it still doesn't even -- we don't realize that we were there, we were part of that. when you see it on tv it's really just like, oh, my god, you know, i can't believe this is happening, and, you know, i hope everybody is all right. i think once the mind calms down, i think we'll start to remember the stuff we don't really care to remember so -- >> how old are you, and where are you from? >> 32 years old. my wife is 31. we moved here in september of last year from orlando, florida. >> what is her name. >> leeanne yanni. >> lee ann. >> is she still in the
hospital? >> yes, tufts was able to put my wife and i together in the same room. so, you know, that meant the world to me. they've been saw so many here. everybody has been friendly, and gone beyond. >> nicholas, what do you remember seeing as you were trying to find your wife? >> a lot of stuff i could careless to recall. yeah. >> there are a lot of questions -- [inaudible] >> i continue even tell you. all i know -- couldn't even tell you. all i know is the glass shattered near us. some of the railing was blown apart. i don't know what the general public was hit by. i don't know in it was from the railing or if it was debris, or if it was from anything -- [inaudible question ] >> i don't think they know, because i think it went right through. whatever -- [no audio]
>> again, everybody just goes into autopilot and, you know, your adrenaline runs and you do what you've got to do, and you really aren't thinking, you know, at least i wasn't. i was trying to assess the situation, make sure everybody was okay as far as i could. >> nicholas now that you've had time to process, a little time to propers sits, help us understand, what are your thoughts about the whole thing here? >> it's sad that people have to take such a -- you know, such a good event and -- [no audio] >> i don't know what their agendas are. everybody is different, everybody has their own, you know, frame of mind. some people believe in their thoughts more than other people and they'll do things because they think it's right way. jon: the first person account of a man named nicholas yanni, 33
years old i believe he told us who was standing there at the finish line, perhaps five to ten feet away when one of the two bombs went off yesterday, and in case you're just joining us, authorities have now said there were only two bombs. both went off. there had been earlier reports that unexploded weapons, unexploded ordinance were found along the route of the race. that turned out not to be the case. this information first broken by jennifer griffin, our pentagon reporter, that the explosives in boston were made out of pressure cookers with explosives packed inside and metal ball bearings. now a pressure cooker as you know, a cooking vessel that is very strong, you can lock the lid on, that helps contain the initial force of the explosion, and let's it build up in power until finally the walls of the vessel burst. these were not particularly well-built or well designed, and this is interesting, the style of bomb we're told, was first
seen in afghanistan, and frequently used there, that is not to say that authorities have come to any kinds of conclusion abouts who built these bombs or where they came from. there is also the kind of work underway right now, we wanted to tell you about the fbi is honing in on the cell few towers in the vicinity of the finish line. the cell towers could have carried some kind of a signal from a cellphone that would have triggered these explosions. if they can establish that as fact that will help them a great deal toward figuring out who left those bombs there. in the meantime, many eyewitnesses are telling their stories today. one of the runners, just crossing the finish line was u.s. army reserves captain tom ken aoerbgs he's just back from -- kenny, he's just back from serving in afghanistan. captain kenny had just crossed the finish line was about 50 feet away from the blast when the first blast went off. lucas carr is a former army ranger who finished the race and
went back to help the wounded. both of them are joining us now over the phone. sergeant carr to you first when you heard this thing go off did it take you back to afghanistan? >> yeah. and iraq, more iraq, but, yeah, of course. you know, i mean you kind of invisioned it happening there, not coming back here to haunt you, you come back and have this happen to you. jon: and when you saw the wounded, i mean i'm sure your military training just kicked in. >> yeah. i just -- i didn't even think twice, you know, and everybody was -- everybody is in a state of panic to get away from it, you know, and firefighters, ems, first responders, and boston police, eod teams, i mean everybody was there quick to preserve the scene so that
others may live. we all ran to the scene. everybody that was there within a short amount of time gave the wounded right now a better chance to live. and i send my prayers out to the families that lost loved ones. i just -- i mean, i just -- i'm still taken aback by it, you know. jon: you guys are heros no doubt. captain kenny you were there as well having run in the race. tell us your first thoughts when you heard the explosion or saw it. >> my first response was to crouch down and look behind. we saw the smoke rising, i was at the finish line and there was a young woman next to me, we kind of looked at each other with this look of, no, we continue have been there. it turns out she was from iraq, i had come back from afghanistan, and the first response was, that sound is
unmistakable but how in the world could it be now? it just didn't make any sense at all to us, even when we heard the second one, just searching for a logical explanation for what it was. the majority of the people where i was passed the finish line, were already walking towards the corrals and the areas where the boston marathon folks were moving us to, and they were relatively calm, and the sound that we were hearing were not that much different than the sound as you heard as you were running fro through the tunnel and with you are that far away at that point. i was calling my family, my wife and daughters were on boylston street cheering me on. i gave them a call to figure out where they were and if they saw what had happened, if they knew what was going on. they told me they had tried to cut through the pre tkepbgs alcenter and -- prudential center and they had a mass of people heading their way. we dropped the line. i shared my cellphone with a pwufpb of other people to help them call their friend or
relatives to figure out what was going on. it took a good 20 minutes or so before i realized how bad the situation was cutting back a block away from boil stone, i came across a secondary tree age area where some of the less seriously people were being loaded onto pwhraepbs. i realized how severe it was and tried desperate plea t desperately to wait for a signal to call my family. >> catherine herridge and jennifer griffin are reporting that -- they broke the story that these bombs were constructed using pressure cookers with an explosive inside as well as ball bearings to do maximum damage and that is a type of explosive often seen in afghanistan. were you familiar with it? >> i was familiar that they used a lot of different types of explosives. that these may be similar to afghanistan is no surprise. jon: well, it's a horrific thing, whoever did it.
captain kenny, sergeant lucas carr we thank you for your service, we thank you for your her oeus eupl yesterday and thank you for -- heroism yesterday and thank you for your time. >> any time. as we go forward let's just keep our thoughts and prayers with the families, and the victims, and everybody that this has affected worldwide, and as americans today we all stand, but today america has a touch of bass tone yan inside of them -- bostonian inside of them so let's just hold on tight, i'm sure, you know, we get the best of the best going after these people, and justice will prevail. jon: important point and very well put. again, we thank you both. jenna: well, as you have seen over the last several hours there have been plenty of cameras at the big events like the boston marathon, and that's why we were able to see such
incredible video of all of this happening. we will talk to someone who was at the finish line videotaping the scene when the bombs started going off. he's going to join us live. plus this act of terror sparking a strong response from our next guest, former massachusetts senator scott brown is next oh, he's a fighter alright. since aflac is helping with his expenses while he can't work, he can focus on his recovery. he doesn't have to worry so much about his mortgage, groceries, or even gas bills. kick! kick... feel it! feel it! feel it! nice work!
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>> sad day for boston. i think if we pull together we'll get through it. we are strong. a lot of people are willing to work together to make this a better place for all our people, and so as we gather here today with all our officials let's say boston will overcome. jenna: longtime mayor menino is calling on his city to pull together asking folks to lend a helping hand at this time of need. people are responding with grim determination, courage and some outrage to be sure.
former massachusetts senator scott brown is a fox news contributor. it must be hard to be in the state of colorado, senator, when you see your home state going through so much. what have you heard from your friend, your family, your contacts in massachusetts? >> well, i've obviously spoken to people in the u.s. senate, colleagues there, i've obviously spoken to law enforcement, friend, people that participated in the race, and you're going to see sorries like you just showed by mr. yanni, coming out more and more. there will be more and more heart wrenching. the things that people can do right now in massachusetts and throughout the country is you can donate blood, get involved in the red cross and help a lot of the organizations that are going to need help to get these people back to full recovery. listen, like many of you throughout the country, i was sad, confused, but now i'm angry, and i have been for some time, looking forward to the people or person who did this.
holding them fully accountable and making sure that this -- we have a top to bottom review of everything that went right and went wrong to make sure it doesn't happen again and learn from it. jenna: you know i was taking a look and doing research over the last day to see if there was any history of any terror attacks or foiled plots in the city of boston and in massachusetts and we really came up sort of empty handed. a hrofpbg investigators are looking into this senator. just sur just your thoughts about what questions we should be asking today, especially considering the site of this terror attack. >> it's a situation in boston you had the red sox playing, obviously the marathon. it's patriot's day. you probably had in the million-five in terms of a city of 146,000 people. certainly a target-rich enshrinement for something like there to happen. i -- environment for something like this to happen. i know they do due diligence but it's virtually impossible to catch something like this. as a former member of homeland
security x are aware and were aware of different types of efforts not only in massachusetts but throughout the country. we are constantly being poked and prodded and i want to commend our homeland security and law enforcement personnel for what they do to keep us safe. that's why it's so critically important to provide them with the tools and resources to do just that. so these types of things don't happen again. jenna: senator brown we appreciate your time today so much. thank you, sir. >> thank you. jon: well police are searching an apartment in the boston suburbs. its connection to the man under guard at a boston hospital. what it might reveal in connection with the bombings at the boston marathon. we'll take a look at that, plus, so much dramatic and emotional video of the horrific scenes erupting in boston. we'll talk to the eyewitnesses who shot these images, some. first the world saw. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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jenna: we have tpwhaou firsthand -bgtsdz of the -- new firsthand accounts of the hard break and heroism following the attack and new information, a new photo of the little boy who was killed yesterday. douglas kennedy is live in our new york city newsroom with more. >> reporter: the bomb tore through boylston street took with it lives and dreams including that of 8-year-old martin richard. we have a new picture of martin
richard who was at the finish line waiting for his father to finish the marathon. his neighbor described the richard family earlier today. >> they are your all american family, you know, three, kid, mother, father, they used to play outside all the time, the kids were outside all the time having a good time, and it's just a horrendous tragedy. >> reporter: the explosion affected many people in boston, and the nation, but especially those who saw the mayhem firsthand. >> i was 50 yards from this thing. i saw the whole thing. we were coming down boylston street and literally i heard a cannon go off. >> body parts, i mean people had been blown apart, they are dead. >> they took probably five or ten second to realize what had happened because it couldn't happen there. so it was just too surreal. >> nonetheless personal tragedy quickly turned to communal hope as a city almost instantly came together to comfort the fallen
and aid the afflicted. >> they responded within 15 second you saw everybody coming down here. >> marathon volunteers and boston ems were bringing in, you know, wheelchairs to like bring people out. >> i'm praying for all of them. we are all trying to put pressure on all the wound for everybody, and tourniquets and whatever we could do. it was chaos. >> and then there were those who spent frantic hours looking for loved ones and fearing the worst. >> he was at the 40k already, so he was here right when the explosion happened. now we can't find him anywhere. >> waiting for my brother. >> do you know where he is? >> no clue. he was somewhere out on the course, further back behind me so i don't -- i don't know. >> everybody is crying and trying to call and wondering where their families were. it was really, really sad. i mean it was scary. >> scary for a city that experienced it firsthand and for a nation that continues to be reminded, we are never safe from terrorism. this is little martin richard
who was holding up a sign there that says, no more hurting, we want peace. i think. that's it from here, jenna back to you. jenna: what a sweet little picture, douglas, thank you. jon: always there are plenty of cameras as big events like the boston marathon. take a look at some of the first images we saw yesterday. they were shot by our next guest e. was at the finish line videotaping the scene when the bombs started going off. steve silva is a senior sports producer at and joins us now. all right, so steve, you're there, you've got the camera rolling, what first crossed your mind when you heard or saw the first explosion? >> for a brief second as i was shooting the finish line runners just coming across when it went off it sounded like a cannon, it was a loud thud and there was a lot of smoke that shot way up and i thought is this some kind of a salute to a particular runner of some sort? just really went over to setting
what the heck that was all about, creeped up on it and 12 second later off went the second explosion up the street. and then you started -- there was an immediate silence. then you started hearing screams and crying and as i got closer to the first explosion up by the tar teugs on boylston street by the walk you could just see bodies on top of one another, blood everywhere, and just really, really terrible, terrible injuries. jon: you can hear the screaming, you know, from the bystanders in your video, but there is also sort of a sense of calm. i mean people -- as horrific as it was people handled the nightmare pretty well, didn't they? >> for the most part there. was a lot of confusion and chaos as one might expect i think. people not just nothin knowing what this was until they got up close to it and people react ned different ways. there was plenty of help on the scene. you had all the marathon
volunteers on the inside of the course, we also had a large police presence there on the scene and fortunately there was the medical tent just a little ways down to the next block that is usually just set up to treat people with hamstring issues, cramps and such as they finish a marathon, turned into an emergency trauma center, tree age unit. they all came running up with their medical supplies and wheelchairs to help the wounded, and people just did what they had to do. some people stayed there that were on the sidewalk helping victims and a lot of people took off. yeah, there was kind of an eery silence at one point and it became kind of a chaotic situation. people weren't quite sure what to do. jon: well one of the things you did is continue rolling. i mean two explosions have gone off, and you walk toward the scene of the devastation and keep your camera rolling. were you not thinking that, you know, there could be a third? >> was not thinking there could be a theufrpltd third. i guess i was thinking we were inside by the course and we were protected by the partitions and nothing could happen inside.
whatever was taking place was taking place on the other side of the partition by the sidewalk. it was kind of apparent. i wasn't thinking, one, two was there a third explosion. it didn't seem like it would be just right there. i was really focused on that and the people i saw and the families and how the day will be really remembered in a terrible way for a longtime. jon: what about the acts of heroism. is there any particular image or act of kindness that will stay with you? >> the image that stays with me unfortunately is a gentleman i saw being taken in in a wheelchair and i looked down and saw his leg was blown off at the knee, that is not heroism, but i think everyone chipped in and did what they could. what do you do for someone who has lost a limb? you've got to get them comfortable as quickly as possible. i think people just wanted to get these people into ambulances, and get them to the hospitals as quickly as possible. it's all the medical workers, all the people in the hospitals that took this on at the last second are probably some of the
heros you the there. jon: you are as well for bringing the world those images. steve silva who shot some of the first videotape that emerged from the boston bombing. thank you. jenna: new questions surrounding the possible person of interest in the boston bombing, the fbi searching and apartment overnight. we'll talk to a leading terror expert for what can be next from the investigation. we continue to get more stories o from the scene of both horror and heroism from eyewitnesses. keep it here for more from fox news. >> i haas a half block oefrbgs everybody is running, screaming, saying there is a bomb, there is a bombing. it was awful, everybody was crying and screaming. ♪
[ construction sounds ] ♪ [ watch ticking ] [ engine revs ] come in. ♪ got the coffee. that was fast. we're outta here. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪
jon: terror at the boston marathon. sources telling fox news the fb irk is scanning cellphone tower records for potentially voight
alclues. police are searching an apartment in the boston suburb of revere. investigators have been seen leaving that facility carrying out what could be evidence. media reports saying the apartment is home to a man now under guard at a boston hospital. a saudi national in the u.s. on a student visa. the fbi special agent in charge on what authorities are calling a world-wide investigation. >> this remains a very active investigation. our ongoing investigation in various locations throughout the area goes on. however, there are no known additional threats. we continue to interview various witnesses and process the crime scene, which could take some time. jon: chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live from washington on new breaking developments in the investigation. >> reporter: jon the investigative source tells fox news that the fbi is scanning cellphone tower records for quote the moment of detonation, that the fbi is searching through the boston tkwraeur and there was no khaert or signaled
intelligence pointing to a group or individual during or immediately after the attack f. that moment of detonation is positively identified that information can be used to find the core responding cellphone number n. addition the investigative source tells fox news that the saudi person of interest is fully cooperating and consented to the searches of his apartment late last night in revere and that his level of cooperation is seen by law enforcement as an indicator that he may not be of significance investigative value. fox news was told separately that he was here on a student visa and the initial review did not provide any hits on the known watch list. on the